what is NP-40?

Gary Butler butler at soma.UMDNJ.EDU
Sun Dec 4 07:21:43 EST 1994

cga3 at cornell.edu (Christopher G. Alpha) writes:

>In an article in TAG (1993) 86:694-698 they refer to a reagent used in the
>PCR buffer called NP-40.  Does anyone know what this stuff is?  Please
>respond here or email me.  Thanx.

NP-40 (also known as Nonidet P-40) is a non-ionic detergent which was 
produced by Shell Oil if I remember correctly. I believe it is identical to
Triton X-100 (Union Carbide), Octyl Phenoxy Polyethoxyethanol, but 
nevertheless Triton X-100 can be directly substituted for it for all purposes
I know of.  Sigma supplies both of them, N0896 & T8787 as mol bio rx.  
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