plasmid vectors for yeast two-hybrid system?

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Mon Dec 5 18:50:11 EST 1994

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> Can anyone tell me what are the latest, or preferably, the best plasmid 
> vectors, etc. to use for the yeast two-hybrid system.  I know that some 
> companies are making kits (Clontech, I think), but what else is out there?
> I currently have pGAD2F and pMA424 which are large unwieldy vectors.  I know 
> there are pACT and pAS1 which are smaller and newer/better(?), are these any 
> good?
> Brian Craft
> bcraft at

Hi Brian,
I recently posted to this news group concerning the use of a Clontech
two-hybrid library with thier vector (pGBT9). Firstly I had poor
expression from thier vector. Secondly, I had about 6 replies to my
posting, and apart from the one from Clontech....nobody had anything good
to say about thier system.

I switched to pAS-1 and have had great expression from that. I have at
last had some success (even using the Clontech library) in a screen using
pAS-1 and am working through the 50 positives (although that number could
easily just be artifacts!!).

Good luck

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