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Mon Dec 5 17:42:48 EST 1994

> Dave could youlook intoto the bozo from fuji who keeps getting on the net
> to promote his product. He has logged on as  "tbannor at (T Bannor)"
> and doesnt identify himself as a fuji representitive. He gives product
> advice, etc.. Below are just the last three articles.  What's your opinion?

I'd like to thank the person who reported this infraction to me and
want to encourage others to send similar infractions to
biosci-help at  The rules for commercial use of our
newsgroups are spelled out in detail in the BIOSCI FAQ which can be
retrieved via gopher from

The only way that we will keep the newsgroups free of commercials is
if we take prompt action against people who violate our mutually
agreed upon rules which prohibit ads in this and other BIOSCI/bionet
newsgroups.  Given the volume of postings on the Methods group, I can
not possibly spend my time looking for infractions, but will take
actions such as trying to get the violator's network access revoked if
these incidents are called to my attention by readers.  Most sysops
that I have contacted are sympathetic to such pleas, and I am ccing
the postmaster at AOL as well as tbannor on this message.  I will give
tbannor the benefit of the doubt for now as he may not have known
about our rules.  However, I would also encourage readers not to
patronize companies that consistently violate our rules despite being
warned about their infractions (which has not yet happened in this


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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