What is spermidine???

Lana C Stallard stallard at badlands.NoDak.edu
Mon Dec 5 14:52:14 EST 1994

Paquette Yves (paquetty at ERE.UMontreal.CA) wrote:
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: >| I was told that Spermidine helps to cut lambda DNA faster with restriction
: >| enzymes.  It would be helpful if anyone knows what is the function of
: >| spermidine and if I can make it in the lab/or need to order it.Pl e-mail to
: >| padmmv00 at ac.usfca.edu.

: >Spermidine is a polyamine which binds nonspecifically to DNA. This will not
: >allow your enzyme to cut "faster", but will reduce restriction digestion at
: >non-specific sites. You're probably better off buying it from Sigma since it's
: >not expensive. It would cost your far more time and effort to isolate it

: Spermidine also helps to cut impure DNA, like crude preps from transgenic
: mouse tails, with some enzymes, like BamHI and EcoRI for example.
: I dont know if it helps with all enzymes.
: I dont know why it helps, but I think that it may displace some
: contaminating proteins from the DNA.

: Yves Paquette

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