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> I would like to make an apparatus for PAGE, using a size format similar to the
> Hoefer Tall Mighty Small.  This is about 10 x 12 cm.  The original apparatus
> is quite simple in design, and the plastic parts are easily fabricated from
> Plexiglas or some similar plastic.  The problem is that I don't know what to 
> use for the electrodes.  I am aware that most of the wires used for 
> electrophresis electrodes are made of platinum.  Is there a reason for this?
> Why can't stainless steel be used?
> Any answers or hints would be appreciated.  Thanks
> Daniel KIm
> dkim at

I once made my own vertical gel system from plexiglass. When I used a nickel-
chromium wire instead of platinum, one of the wires pitted (I think it was the
positive electrode), then completely corroded over about 3-4 runs. When I
switched it to problem occurred. It was a little more expensive,
but lasted the lifetime of the gel box.  You can buy the wire by the inch from
many scientific companies like VWR. To save on money, I used the lesser quality
wire as the negative electrode on top, and platinum wire on the bottom as
positive electrode.

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