Sexing of Birds

Tue Dec 6 17:12:09 EST 1994

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Martin Leach <leach at> wrote:
>Hi netters,
>anyone know of a reference or a simple protocol, including extraction of
>DNA from bird blood feathers/blood, (including primers) to perform sex
>testing of parrots...preferably an African Senegal (named Harry)
>thanx in advance...

I don't know a protocol, but I've seen ads for companies that will do it 
for, I think, about 25-50$ per sample.  You just send them a blood 
feather in the mail.  I don't know more specifics, but you might check back 
issues of Bird Talk, or post the question to rec.pets.birds.


			Nick Theodorakis
			ntheo at
			Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

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