sperm PCR

Jeff Kramer jeff at COMPBIO2.MED.WAYNE.EDU
Tue Dec 6 17:05:40 EST 1994

In a recent posting, Dieter Palmer asked about PCR on semen samples.  Well, I
have a paper in my little mitt by Robert A. Furlong, et al. from U. Cambridge
in which they outline a protocol for single sperm PCR.  Now I've got gobs-O-
sperm here, because of the infertility clinic down stairs from me, so I've been
trying to do PCR using 10EE5 sperm.  I've tried scaling up the protocol in 
the paper, and had no success, but then I've only tried it twice.  At any rate,
you might want to try it yourself.  The paper is in the American J. of Human
Genetics, vol 53, pp1191-1199 (1993).  Good luck, and wish me the same...

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