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> Dear netters,
> unexpectedly at the end of the year we have some money left (you believe that 
> ?). So we decided to buy a blotter.
>  Does somebody have experiences either bad or good with electro and vacuum 
> blotters to do southern blots mainly? Fragments to resolve will be in
the range 
> of up to 25 kb. Any recomendations and tips will be highly appreciated. 
> Please respond directly to the e-mail address
> uj23116 at
> not to the newsgroup itself ! (We haven+t subscribed yet)
> Dr. Horst Schmieger
> Institut fuer Genetik der LMU Muenchen
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> Fax.: ++49/89/ 1791 9820
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The vacuum blotters that I have used leave a lot to be desire. 
Electroblotters are convenient in that they can also be used for western
blotting, but they use a lot of reagents, require a power suppy and are
expensive.  Positive Pressure blotters (Posiblotters) give better
transfers than vacuum blotters (IMHO).  Since one normally does (or at
least I always do when I want to transfer large DNA's) a limited acid
hydrolysis of DNA that is to be transfered, the size of your DNA is not
really important.

These are just my opinions.


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