What is the most economical phosphorimager?

Dave Gilbert gilbertd at VAX.CS.HSCSYR.EDU
Wed Dec 7 07:37:10 EST 1994

I am a new investigator who requires the sensitivity (not necessarily the
range) of a phosphorimager.  Many of my experiments are at the edge of
detection, and the imager has in the past allowed me to perform experiments
that would otherwise be impossible.  I am now in the position of convincing
my new colleagues that it is worth pitching in to buy one, however,
$100,000 takes a lot of convincing.  I have seen less expensive versions
advertised.  For example, I have seen one advertised by BIO-RAD.  I am
willing to give up some of the range of the MD imager, but I cannot
compromise on the sensitivity.  Does anyone have any experience with the
alternatives to the standard Molecular Dynamics and Fuji systems, or any
experience with the less expensive MD imager?  Much obliged.

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