Multi primers PCR

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Wed Dec 7 02:59:19 EST 1994

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>Hi. Does anyone have the experience to do multi primers PCR? It means that
>more than one gene fragments are amplified with two or more pairs of primers.
>If it works this technique will be very good the check low abundance mRNA
>with a control PCR band. Thanx in advance.
I have not done multiprimer PCR per se but have done PCR using a 16S rRNA
universal primer for bacterial community DNA and have added a 2nd forward
primer that is only specific to Ps. cepacia's 16S sequence and have been
able to consistently obtain multiple PCr fragments of the right size with
these 3 primers.  I think as long as you know the specificity of your
primers you can use multiple sets if the annealing temperatures are close

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