PVP: which MW to use? DNA Minipreps...

Christopher G. Alpha cga3 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 7 11:21:18 EST 1994

Can anyone tell me the differences in using PVP of various MW's?  In the
lab we have 10,000 / 40,000 / and 360,000.  Traditionally I have used the
PVP-40 but, I am curious about what effect the others would have upon my
DNA extraction protocol as far as the purity, or quality of the product.  I
know its just a longer or shorter polymer...Has anyone used one over
another to get better clean up of the crud?  And also is DIECA a better
choice?  Has anyone used the two together?  

I am in the process of developing a miniprep protocol (CTAB-less) for the
extraction of genomic DNA from Vitis (grapes--we have 1300 accessions in
our collection) for use in microsatellites.  The protocol will be
applicable to cases where many samples must be processed, with a quality
product.  The problem is that Vitis has lots of polyphenolics,
polysaccharides etc...so if anyone has any hot tips on removal let me
know....I use 2.5% PVP now, a hi-salt precipitation, and a few other
magical tricks.


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