multiple primer PCR

Jeff Kramer jeff at COMPBIO2.MED.WAYNE.EDU
Wed Dec 7 13:36:42 EST 1994

Imagine that.

	I just got out of a meeting with the boss, during which time I showed
him a PCR that I ran using three primer pairs.  Now I see this note from some
one at the Terry Fox Cancer Res Labs asking if it can be done.  Yes.  It can.
I increased my NTPs so that they would not be limiting (I usually use NTPs near
a limiting reagent amount, because I'm incredibly cheap), and so I had to re-
optimise my Mg(2+) concentration, but it went fine.  My products were 800, 600
and 250 bp in size, but I imagine if your PCR products are the same size you
could probe strip and probe after transferring your PCR products from a gel.

							Good Luck,

							Jeff Kramer
							Wayne State U. Med Cntr
							Detroit, MI

By the way, Detroit is no longer first in murders per capita, so come visit...

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