Methylation analysis/bisulphite sequencing

Karl Voss karl at
Wed Dec 7 12:12:16 EST 1994

jnakamot at (Jon Nakamoto) writes:
: Jeff & Mach,
: One of my colleagues just interviewed a candidate for a genetics
: faculty position here. He studies methylation and said that the
: bisulfite modification technique is a waste of time ( I can't remember
: why, but my colleague knows and I can ask him Monday). Apparently he
: has a method he feels is much more foolproof and left a preprint of an
: article about to come out. If you E-mail me next week to remind me,
: I'll have tracked down the above info and preprint by then. 
: Jon
: Jon Nakamoto, MD
: Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics/Endocrinology, UCLA
: jnakamot at

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