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Thu Dec 8 09:02:05 EST 1994

William wrote :

we are trying to use EMCV5'NTR sequence to link two genes under a single
promoter. The fragment of the NTR we have contains two ATGs at the very
3' end (in the last 35 bp.) I wonder if these sequence are important for
the function of NTR as I would like to get rid of the two ATGs by PCR so
we don't have to modify the gene down stream in order to make it in the
right reading frame. If anybody know the answer, please reply either on
the net or to my account: wjia at unixg.ubc.ca.  Thanks very much.

Hi William,

The following paper contains a detailed deletion analysis of the EMC-NTR sequences. You should take 
a look at it.
Ghattas et al. MCB, 11(12), 5848-5859,1991.
Cheers, Kamal Chowdhury.

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