Wizard Preps: DNA Doesn't Freeze

Guy Oshiro oshiro_G at defiance.hsc.colorado.edu
Thu Dec 8 20:31:02 EST 1994

Hi Netter,

    I have tried using the Promega Wizard Maxi preps with mixed
 One thing that I have found is that the eluted DNA does not freeze at
-20.  There is obviously something in there that is depressing the
freezing point. Does anyone have any idea what could be in the eluaate.
 Other people in my lab go through the problem of GENE cleaning the
eluate but I try to avoid extra steps that will cause loss of my
 I also notice considerable amounts of degradation compared to my
Qiagen prepped DNA.  Is there a possibility of co-purifying nucleases?

Guy Oshiro
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