what is NP-40?

john markwell markwell at unlinfo.unl.edu
Thu Dec 8 18:31:40 EST 1994

jui at jurpool0.rz.uni-frankfurt.de (Uwe Harmening) writes:


>i think NP-40 means Nonidet P40 and is a nonionic detergent.




>harmening at cellbiology.uni-frankfurt.d400.de

Just a word of caution.  Most of us use NP-40 to mean Nonidet P40.  
This is basically the same as Triton X-100, except that it is a finer 
cut from the fractional distillation used in the production process.  
There is also a nonionic surfactant named Tergitol NP-40.  Almost 
no one uses it in biochemistry, but there is the possiblilty for 

I hope this helps.


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