Drying sequencing gels

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Fri Dec 9 15:04:09 EST 1994

In article <9412082355.AA25411 at fraser.sfu.ca>, richardk at sfu.ca (Richard
Kenneth Bruce Martel) wrote:

> Ashu wrote:
> I am lately having problem drying my sequencing gels following fixing
> (5% MeOH/5
> % AcOOH) to remove urea. The problem is that the Sarab Wrap is
> sticking badly to
>  the gel therefore either it does not come off easily or my gel
> remains stick.I
> am using 35S-dATP therefore I need to remove the wrap before
> exposing. Any sugge
> stions will be appreciated.  Ashu
> I have heard of people dusting the gel with talcum or baby powder
> before wraping the gel in saran wrap.  You could also check the FAQ
> for other ideas.  Rick

Rick:  I think that they dusted the gel after drying to keep the film from
sticking to unfixed sequencing gels, not before drying the gel.  That
would probably make a real mess.

Ashu:  There have been lengthy discussions in this group about not fixing
35S sequencing gels.  I haven't fixed a sequencing gel for years.  I just
dry it for about 45 min to 1 hr at 80 degrees C and then continue drying
with no heat for 15 min more.  My gels dont stick to the saran wrap or

Good luck


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