Cell wall degradation desired..

David R. Rockhold drr at PW.USDA.GOV
Fri Dec 9 18:40:29 EST 1994

How aout a french press?
>I am working with a Gram + bacterium (Arthrobacter nicotinovorans). Part 
>of my experiments involve detection and purification of DNA binding 
>proteins present on cell extracts of this bug. I use to prepare my cell 
>extracts with a sonifier, but this procedure is very unefficient. 
>I added enzymes (lysozyme and/or mutanolysin, both from Sigma) prior
> to the sonification in order to try to improve the lysis efficiency,
> but it seems it did not help. 
>Does anybody has ideas which could help me improving my process?
>Does anybody knows of an enzyme attacking efficiently Gram + bacteria?
>Thanks in advance,
>menendez at mibm.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
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