Help with Lambda DNA isolation

Amos H Heckendorf nestgrp at
Fri Dec 9 17:44:05 EST 1994

Can someone recommend a good method for Lamda DNA isolation.  >I've
tried  using the Qiagen midi prep using plate lysate but only got
small amount >of DNA : : back. 

: I have also had no luck with the Quiagen kit and someone suggested that 
: you need to start out with AT LEAST 2x10(10) pfu for any kind of yield 
: (1ug).  Most people I have talked to about lambda have protocols using 
: LE392 as the host.
The NucleobondAX kit is suitable for DNA up to 300 kb in size.  Their 
lambda kit on a 10(10) pfu plate lysate should give 5 ug/ml, but I am 
biased because we sell it.  Check out the biogopher archive for other 
noncommercial data.

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