Wizard Preps: DNA Doesn't Freeze

Stephen R. Lasky, Ph.D. Stephen_Lasky at brown.edu
Fri Dec 9 15:46:24 EST 1994

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> Hi Netter,
>     I have tried using the Promega Wizard Maxi preps with mixed
> success.  
>  One thing that I have found is that the eluted DNA does not freeze at
> -20.  There is obviously something in there that is depressing the
> freezing point. Does anyone have any idea what could be in the eluaate.
>  Other people in my lab go through the problem of GENE cleaning the
> eluate but I try to avoid extra steps that will cause loss of my
> sample.
>  I also notice considerable amounts of degradation compared to my
> Qiagen prepped DNA.  Is there a possibility of co-purifying nucleases?
> Thanks,
> Guy Oshiro
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Guy:  I believe that the wash buffer for wizard preps has ethanol in it. 
If you are not using a vacuum aparatus and sucking air through the column
for a couple of minutes after you wash the column, you may be eluting the
DNA in the along with some residual ethanol, this could keep it from
freezing.   I have been getting good results from my wizard preps since
finding out that they changed the formulation of the resin and the wash
buffers (I bought my stuff in bulk right at the time they changed from
Magic to Wizard and didn't get any instruction sheets with my resin and

Hope that helps 


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