universal eukaryote 18S-rDNA primers

M O L B I O L molbiol at cl.nioo.nl
Fri Dec 9 10:38:32 EST 1994

Dear all,

We're starting a project on diversity of protozoic plankton. For this we aim 
at DGGE separation of amplified ribosomal gene fragments. Since we have no 
access yet to the major databanks (no serious internet connection yet) we 
wonder if any of you could supply us with sequences of universal eukaryotic 
primers for the 18S ribosomal genes. Optimally these primers would encompass 
one or a few variable regions and be themselves highly conserved.

Any comments are wellcome

Friendly greetings

Gabriel Zwart
Eric van Hannen
Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Rijksstraatweg 6  3631 AC Nieuwersluis The Netherlands
Email Zwart at cl.nioo.nl
tel 31 2943 3599
fax 31 2943 2224

Who can supply us with sequenc

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