Where Can I Buy A Hybridization Oven?

Barry Moore barrym at corona.med.utah.edu
Fri Dec 9 18:33:34 EST 1994

In article <199411100514.VAA02107 at net.bio.net> mjward at vt.edu (Christine Ward) writes:
>From: mjward at vt.edu (Christine Ward)
>Subject: Where Can I Buy A Hybridization Oven?
>Date: 9 Nov 1994 21:14:58 -0800

>Does anyone know where I can purchase a CHEAP (< $1500), reliable hybridization
>oven??  I recall seeing an advertisement recently for a relatively 
>inexpensive one, but
>can't seem to find it now.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

>Christine Ward
>Virginia Tech
>Blacksburg, VA

>mjward at vt.edu 

Try Amersham.  I'm at home or I'd give you their number.  Write me if you need 
it.  barrym at corona.med.utah.edu

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