Native gel problems

Jim Hutchins hutchins at
Sat Dec 10 00:10:47 EST 1994

: I am trying to run a native (no SDS) acrylamide gel on some basic
: proteins. (myoglobin, hemoglobin)  I hav so far not had much luck.
[stuff deleted]

Jim, (nice name, that :-) )

I have not yet tried it, but I have been reading up on native PAGE.
The best reference I've found so far is in the "Practical Approach"

Gel Electrophoresis: A Practical Approach (author Hames, I think,
but I'm at home and do not have the complete ref)

Unlike SDS-PAGE, as you suspect, the upper and lower buffers are
different.  I have heard of using phosphate but have not tried it.

Hope this helps

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