To DNA sequencing experts!

JongSub Lee jongslee at
Fri Dec 9 22:02:47 EST 1994

 Hi experts

I wanna ask you something on sequencing.
1) When my co-worker sequenced the same DNA sample, his x-ray film did not
show any bands at all sometimes and did show good bands sometimes.
He did sequencing with exactly same DNA sample aliquots.
Why did the results?

2) On the sequenced bands, there are some ladders on all 4 lanes. There
were no so many ladders but some ladders on the film. We cannot read the
sequence around the ladders. How can I avoid that? 
Is the sample quality problem? or primer-annealing problem?

Is there anyone who got the best and amazing films everytime sequenced?
Please help me.

Francisce Xavier

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