Thermometer question

Colin Rasmussen ras-1 at
Mon Dec 12 19:17:10 EST 1994

> The red liquid in our thermometers seems to have "split"... ie, there are
> several small "pieces" no longer attached to the larger reservoir.  The
> thermometer, as a result, no longer reads accurately.  Is there any way to
> "reattach" the whole column of liquid together?  They are -20 - 110 degree
> thermometers, BTW.  Also, does anyone know why this happened?  Can we avoid it
> in the future?  Thanks in advance,

The red liquid is alcohol. Try putting the thermometer in a dry-ice 
ethanol bath, the indicator should get drawn down low enough for it to 
all coalesce in the bulb again. maybe.

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