Drying sequencing gels

Annette C. Hollmann ah690549 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Dec 12 12:31:48 EST 1994

In article <D0I1IM.AyK at acsu.buffalo.edu> orbashu at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu writes:
>I am lately having problem drying my sequencing gels following fixing
> (5% MeOH/5% AcOOH) to remove urea. The problem is that the Sarab Wrap is
> sticking badly to the gel therefore either it does not come off easily or
> my gel remains stick.I am using 35S-d
> ATP therefore I need to remove the wrap before exposing. Any suggestions
> will be appreciated.  Ashu

I had a similar problem. Parts of the gel were over-dried, starting to scorch,
and sticking to the saran wrap. Other parts were still wet and curled off
the filter paper. I was able to solve the problem by reducing the drying
temperature from 80 C to 65 C and increasing the drying time by 1/2 hour.

ah690549 at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu

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