Autofluorescence cures?

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Tue Dec 13 01:29:54 EST 1994

Corrie Allen <szcorrie at> writes:
>I'm trying to perform fluorescent in-situ hybridization on fixed neonatal
>lung tissue and I've run into a serious roadblock.  The lungs
>autofluoresce brighter than my probe does.  Even unfixed, frozen lung
>fluoresces.  I was wondering if someone might have run into this before
>and figured out a way to eliminate the tissue autofluorescence without
>destroying tissue morphology or wiping out the target mRNA. 
Lung is famous for (auto)fluorescence, it seams to be prmarily from the
high elastin content.  General purpose quenches such as NH3 or Borohydrate
can help but several lung specific treatments have been published based on
dyes such as Evan's Blue.  I'll see if I can find a reference when I return
from ASCB.
david hanzel
hanzel at

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