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Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Tue Dec 13 18:59:21 EST 1994

In <bcguilf.25.0 at muccmail.missouri.edu>, bcguilf at muccmail.missouri.edu (Guilfoyle Lab) writes:
>We are trying to do primer extensions using tRNAs from plants as templates.
>The problem we ran into is that we can't get full-length extension product,
>instead, it seems that RT enzyme stops inside of the template. The same, but
>synthetic tRNA made using T7 pol does not show this problem. We suspect that
>some kind of modification in plant tRNA results in that that base can no 
>longer be recognized by Tth polymerase and this results in a stop. Does 
>anyone have any ideas on what's really going on here and how to overcome 
>this problem? 
>Tim Ulmasov
>University of Missori-Columbia
>bichguil at mizzou1.missouri.edu

Tell me where the stop occurs and what your tRNA is, and I should be able to help. If
you have the *RNA* sequence of the native tRNA, you can see whether stops 
are correlated with modified bases.

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