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Tue Dec 13 08:53:17 EST 1994

rakoczy at (Piroska Rakoczy) on 12/12/94 wrote:

>Please send me some information about journals publishing antisense DNA
>work. Title, Fax No  and address of editors, instruction of authors. 
>Piroska Rakoczy
>Lions Eye Institute, 
>2 Verdun St, Nedlands, 6009 Australia
>FaxNo: (619) 382 1171

There is a fairly new journal called "Antisense Research and Development" that
was announced in the Winter of 1993.  James W. Hawkins, PhD, Arthur M. Krieg, 
MD, and C.A. Stein, MD, PhD are the editors.  The journal is published by Mary
Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers, and has ISSN #1050-5261.  They note a toll free
phone number for information 1-800-M-LIEBERT.  I hope this helps you a bit.
Best regards,  Shaun

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