Osteocalcin promotor wanted !

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> Dear Internetters !
> I am looking for an  osteocalcin  promotor from mouse.
> It will be used to direct a tissue specific i.e.in  bone, expression of 
> a CRE recombinase in transgenic mice.
> Best regards  from a chilly Sweden
> Ahnders Franzen


Don't know if the mouse OC promoter has been cloned but the Rat and Human
are.  You can probably get the rat (or maybe both) from DeMay or
Cronenberg in boston or Lian or Stein in Worster, MA.  BTW, its a very
complex promoter with all sorts of regulatory sites in it (GRE's, AP-1's,
VDRE's etc), you might want to use a less complex subset of that promoter.


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