cheap sequencing setup?

Steven Hecht shecht at lamar.ColoState.EDU
Tue Dec 13 14:56:16 EST 1994

In the spirit of homemade gel boxes and nokitsplease, I'm trying to find
the cheapst way to get set up for sequencing. So beyond building my own
gel box, how can I get prices down on the power supply and drying the
	-what is the cheapest power supply to do the job? Could I build
	a 2000V heath kit one just as well? or just call companies for
	reconditioned ones?
	-how about drying the gel? Could 35-S gels just be allowed to dry
	on hot plates or in an oven? I think I read that someone hung theirs
	up in a hood and used a hair dryer?
Any advice on other components appreciated. I think film cassettes can be
obtained from hospitals (ones that leak, you put in a bag). Perhaps some
suppliers make a cheap enough gel box (like Owl?)
I loved the info on using waterbaths for PCR- if anyone followed that up and
found the ref, pls forward it to me. I have an  old Timex Sinclair computer
that would be great for this.
Thank you

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