Panning of Phage display Library

P. Emanuel pemanuel at
Tue Dec 13 10:12:12 EST 1994

We are producing a library of Fabs from Mouse RNA.  These Fabs will be
cloned into SurfZAP and then co-infected to give M13 virus with Fab
expressed on the surface as a fusion with cpIII.  Procedures in the
literature give various methods for bio-panning. This "selection" process
is said to be a "black art" in which the elution process determines how
viable your recovered phage will be.  Does anyone out there have advice or
better yet-a procedure which they have used to bio-pan? 
I am sure that there are other people who are using this technique for
many purposes and I would like to share procedures and comments with one
another. Please E-mail my box or post on the thread and I will check back
every few days to see what's up.
    Thanks Peter

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