Dissolving Qiagen purified DNA

Dave Bates dobates at ucdavis.edu
Wed Dec 14 13:43:58 EST 1994

I seem to be having problems getting the DNA pellet from Qiagen to
dissolve completely in TE. I always seem to end up with some
precipitate still not in soution even if I heat it up to 65C. The DNA
seems to be clean (260:280 >1.8) I get a good yield (300-500ug per
100ml LB), and it works effectively for transfections, but has this ppt
in it. I get a reduction in transfection efficiency if it's freeze
thawed over a long period of time (>3months), but that seems to be the
only problem. However, I'm using this DNA to perfuse through a
micropipette and the ppt keeps blocking the pipette. Even when I spin
it I sometimes get blockages. Any suggestions on how to get it to
dissolve completely?


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