journal for antisense DNA

Jack M. Bernstein, M.D. Bernstein at WSU-ID.Dayton.OH.US
Wed Dec 14 13:02:53 EST 1994

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>Subject: journal for antisense DNA
>From: rakoczy at (Piroska Rakoczy)
>Date: 12 Dec 1994 07:13:33 GMT

>Please send me some information about journals publishing antisense DNA

>work. Title, Fax No  and address of editors, instruction of authors. 

>Piroska Rakoczy
>Lions Eye Institute, 
>2 Verdun St, Nedlands, 6009 Australia
>FaxNo: (619) 382 1171

Antisense Research and Development
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers
Editor-in-Chief     James W. Hawkins, Ph.D.
1701 Riverwood Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 312-5640
FAX (410) 381-4965

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