T7 DNA pol for SD mutagenesis

Karl Fischer kfischer at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Wed Dec 14 14:10:23 EST 1994

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> I have heard that some supplier's T7 DNA polymerase will not work in
> Kunkle mutagenesis.  I know that the 3' exo is necessary, and thus
> sequenase does not work, but rumor is that some suppliers holoenzyme is
> inefficient at repairing.  Does anyone have experience with one which they
> know will work?
>                   thanks, chuck

We don't use no fargin' T7 Dpol <insert evil grin here>. 

Seriously....I use T4 Dpol/T4 ligase in a single tube extension on a
tandem oligo mutagenesis system. Works great (less filling...sorry -
couldn't resist).  Drop a line if you want the procedure.

Cheers and beers


Karl Fischer
kfischer at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
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