Glycerol vs. Glucose in bacterial media

Loren Joseph ljlj at
Wed Dec 14 19:03:04 EST 1994

I am sure anyone this ignorant of biochemistry should probably not be
handling DNA, (more likely DNA is all I should be allowed to handle): all
the same I would like to know what determines when to use glycerol or
glucose in media.  In particular, I have one strain for which it is
stipulated that glucose must go in the 'rich' media and on the maintenance
plates, but glycerol must be used in the 'induction' media.  The
expression vector of interest  has a pL promoter. The host has the lambda
cI repressor stably integrated under control of a trp promoter. It doesn't
appear as if glucose has anything to do with induction of the protein.Does
it relate to growth rate? Diffusion through the plate? I'll follow the
instructions but it would be of interest to know the ratonale.  

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