Storage of purified proteins

John A. Newitt 73043.1773 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Dec 14 20:14:14 EST 1994

Every protein has its own favorite conditions, but I've had success 
storing many soluble proteins in buffer containing 10% glycerol at 
-80 degrees, keeping protein conc. greater that 1 mg/ml if possible.
As for short term storage, I've found a difference between storing 
proteins on wet ice (i.e. 0 degrees) and storing in the refrigerator
or cold room.  So you might want to try keeping them on wet ice, 
replenishing the ice when necessary, when you don't want to store 
them for a long time.  Also, if oxidation of thiols is a problem 
with your protein, inclusion of DTT and covering the solution with a
blanket of argon may preserve its activity.

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