preparation of CsTFA solution?

Lauri Lintott llintott at
Wed Dec 14 11:53:36 EST 1994

Mireille () wrote:
: Hi everybody!

: We want to extract total RNA by a method using a centrifugation in cesium 
: trifluoroacetate (CsTFA). The reference that we have does not explain the 
: concentration of the solution, or how to prepare this solution. It just 
: gives a density to reach (???). Does someone know about that?
: Thank you for your help.

: Mireille
: moulard at

I have no idea how to make CsTFA - never could find a reciepe.  I
always bought it from Pharmacia and then diluted it to the
correct density according to their instructions.

I have no affiliation with Pharmacia or anyother company.

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