BeadBeater vs. The Sonicator

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Thu Dec 15 04:12:10 EST 1994

We have used the Bead beater on formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections
with some success.  Our basic protocol consisted of cutting 3 X 20 micron
sections of suspect Mycobacterium bovis infected tissues, deparaffinizing
with xylene, washing with ETOH, and adding 1 ml of packed,WASHED! zirconium
beads.  the entire mixture contained beads, tissue and buffer with the total
volume =1.5 mls.  The sealed tubes were run on the bead beater for 3 minutes
on homogenize setting then the supernate removed for protienase K digestion
phenol chloroform extraction and PCR.   Notes: the beads must be washed or
significant frothing occurs and the sections are not disrupted.  The mixture
developes significant heat and the final temp of the tubes is aprox 50-60 C
at the end of the process.  I would recommend that if you are going to
purchase one that you consider the eight tube model as the single tube model
lacks the ability to run significant sample numbers.  Also the machine is
very loud ( ear protection is a must ) and tends to vibrate its way around
the bench top so make sure its properly anchored or blocked in place.
Other than that it has worked fairly well for our purposes.

                Regards, BJC
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