Storage of purified proteins

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> Can anyone suggest some guidelines for the storage of highly purified
> recombinantly produced proteins. We have purified a couple of cytokines
> produced in E. coli, about 1 mg/l. What are the best ways for short term
> and long term storage - 50% glycerol, lyophilized, -70 oC, etc. We have
> found loss of activity when stored at 4 oC for longer than 1 week. Any
> suggestions will be appreciated.
> Cheers :-))
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The method you use will probably ultimately depend on the protein you are
storing, and will have to be found by trial and error!  However, when I worked
on an unstable protein, I found that flash freezing in liquid nitrogen was the
only way to go, with storage at -70.  You may want to freeze aliquots, so you
don't subject the protein to repeated freeze/thaw cycles.  Short term, you may
find that -20 is OK - again, avoid too many freeze/thaw cycles.  (Both of these
in regular buffer).  Store small aliquots in different ways, and test for
activity after a week, month etc.

Good luck,

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