Glycerol vs. Glucose in bacterial media

Jim Owens jow at
Thu Dec 15 17:03:47 EST 1994

In article <ljlj-1412941803440001 at> Loren
Joseph, ljlj at writes:
>It doesn't
>appear as if glucose has anything to do with induction of the protein. 
>it relate to growth rate? Diffusion through the plate? I'll follow the
>instructions but it would be of interest to know the ratonale.  

In article <3cptjk$qib at> Robert Solomon,
rgs at writes:
>Well, my old boss used to advise against using glucose on the basis of
>its causing acidification of the cytoplasm during growth (potentially
>detrimental to the expressed protein).  

I wish I could remember what the Pasteur effect is.  All I remember is
that E. coli that has glucose as the carbon source shows it but not cells
grown with glycerol as the carbon source.

A very merry Christmas to anyone who can enlighten me.


Jim Owens

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