TriZOL reagent for RNA isolation?

Michael Kloth mtkloth at
Thu Dec 15 20:52:47 EST 1994

hardy at (Richard R. Hardy) wrote:
> Has anyone used the Gibco/BRL TriZOL reagent for RNA isolation from small
> numbers of cells?  Opinions pro or con?  Favorite technique for isolating
> RNA from small numbers (<100) of cells?  Thanks in advance.
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> R. Hardy
> Member, Institute for Cancer Research,
> Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
> (215) 728-2463

I havn't used Gibco's brand but have used Stratagene's which I believe
is very similar with good results.  For extraction from small number of
cells, I typically get very good results.  It is also very fast.  

On a related note, I just ran accross an article in Biotechniques (1993,
vol 15 I think) that compares a few of the different brands of RNA extraction
kits.  This article promotes a kit which claims to allow for RNA, DNA and
protein extraction from the same samples with fairly good results.  
RNA could be extracted in 1 hour and DNA & protein in about 3 hours.
I hope this is helpful.

Michael Kloth
University of Wisconsin

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