Help with cleaning up in vitro transcripts

Paul E. Ulanch pulanch at
Thu Dec 15 14:10:54 EST 1994

I am currently using the T7 and T3 MegaScript Kits from Ambion.  I have 
phenol/chloroform extracted them, EtOH ppt them, and even added them to G-50 
Spin Columns to clean them up.  If I don't use the spin columns, I get too 
much salt and free nucleotide junk co-ppt with my RNA that I am having 
difficulty quantitating it.  But when I use the spin-columns, I get hardly 
anything out of them.  

Anyone have a suggestion what I should try to get higher yields?  Thanks,
Paul "Goose" Ulanch

Dept. Biochem/Biophys
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX   77843-2128
(409) 847-9379

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