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> : I am lately having problem drying my sequencing gels following fixing (5% MeOH/5% AcOOH) to remove urea. The problem is that the Sarab Wrap is sticking badly to the gel therefore either it does not come off easily or my gel remains stick.I am using 35S-
> dATP therefore I need to remove the wrap before exposing. Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Ashu
> I sequence using s35 and never fix my gels or remove the saran after 
> drying.  As long as you have enough DNA for template, you should be able 
> to read your sequence using this method after an overnight exposure.  
> Using baby powder will prevent the gel sticking to your film, if you 
> absolutely must not have the saran on the gel.  Just be sure to shake the 
> powder evenly over the gel and shake off any excess.
Maybe your urea is not completely removed or you gel not completely dry.  E.g.,
someone is in a hurry or the vacuum isn't quite as good as it used to be.  By
the way, I can't see any value is using MeOH and acetic acid at all.
Steve Larsen 

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