WARNING - Promega T4 DNA polymerase

Malcolm White mfwhite at dux.dundee.ac.uk
Fri Dec 16 06:45:47 EST 1994

This is a warning for anyone who uses the Kunkel mutagenesis system.

I have been having problems getting this to work for the last two weeks,
and I finally found the source of the trouble:

Promega have introduced a new cloned T4 polymerase, and it contains a
contaminant which attacks uracil residues - so your template DNA is chewed

This information is tucked away in the Quality Control sheet which comes
with the enzyme, but the don't (at least in the UK) tell you about it when
you order the enzyme.

So until they get it sorted out, it's probably best to use a different
source of the enzyme.

I feel Promega should be more up front about this problem - lots of people
could be wasting time and money with this enzyme without realising the
source of the problem.

Malcolm White, Department of Biochemistry, University of Dundee
mfwhite at dux.dundee.ac.uk

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