Q?: high resolution PAGE

GUIVARC_H Dominic GUIVARC_H at bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr
Fri Dec 16 07:23:05 EST 1994

   Has anybody had experience about high resolution SDS-PAGE to separate
two forms, one ADP-ribosylation-labelled and the other no, of G-proteins.
Because I could not resolve the two forms on a normal acrylamide gel. I
have an over question about the transfer of the proteins on a
nitrocellulose membrane. In the case of the high resolution SDS-PAGE, is
there artefacts for the immunoblotting after the separation. 
   Thank you for any suggestions and protocols about this techniques.
   Best regards.

G. Dominic
GUIVARC_H at bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr
Fax 33 1 69 07 05 38

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