For Sale: HP MS Engine

John Brookes jbrookes at
Wed Dec 14 15:02:58 EST 1994

HP MS Engine 5989-A with 
59940A HP Unix ChemStation
model 345C+ workstation with hi-res color
Options built-in:

Optical DAT drive
Laserjet III printer

Chemistry options installed:
negative ion detection
extended mass range 10-2000 amu
direct insertion probe
thermospray LC/MS
butterfly isolation valve mounted on diffusion pumps

spare parts, tools, desk, work table, chiller, diaphragm 
vacuum system

New cost about $200,000

Serious offers above $90,000 are solicited.
Please contact John Brookes via email or 1-510-428-0700.
Emeryville Analytical Equipment Co.
HP serice contract available.
Installation available.

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