HELP! Method for sequencing 5'ends of cDNA ("RACE")

Joy L Frestedt frest001 at
Fri Dec 16 18:16:27 EST 1994

Edwin Fink
Hi, I've tried the 5' RACE kit and have not had success with it.  After
repeated calls to the company and several resupplies of the test kit
components I've found a problem with their anchor or the primer against
their anchor.  In short, I could amplify a product from my gene of
interest from their cDNA supplied with my known primers but not with
their anchor.  Have you heard from any others using this kit?
Joy Frestedt, PhD candidate
Lab Med and Path 
University of Minnesota
frest001 at
Please respond to me since I don't normally read this newsgroup but saw
this over a friends shoulder and thought I would respond.

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