Correction for the info about a Glyko's kit

Ding Ming ming at
Fri Dec 16 15:27:41 EST 1994

I posted some information about a Glyko's kit here a few days ago:

: > Is anyone aware of a stain which can be used to selectively stain 
: > glycoproteins in an SDS/native PAGE gel?
: > 

: There is a commercial kit sold be GLYKO, a Novato, CA based company called
: Glyko's FACE, which you can use to identify glycoproteins in the gels.
: Their phone # is 800-334-5956.

As pointed by someone from the Glyko, my impression was wrong. Sorry for
the misleading information.

>All of our kits offered to date use glycosidases to remove the carbohydrates
>from a glycoprotein after which they are labelled with a fluorophore and 
>susequently separated on a gel. Often, when people see our work they
>often assume the gels are protein separations but they are in fact
>separations of mixtures of oligosaccharides.
Dr. Ding Ming
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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