sending bugs and plasmids?

Richard_Heath heath at
Thu Dec 15 12:36:34 EST 1994

In article <3ciu5v$64d at>, phstayhn at (Dr Tay Hou Ngee Agnes) writes:
> Hi
> I need to send bacteria and plasmids and wondered about the use of filter 
> paper strips which I've seen used before. Does anyone know what's 
> involved in the prep of samples eg type of filter paper, precautions 
> against contamination when sending multiple samples, etc.
> Thanks
> Agnes
The best mthod for sending strains seems to be the "stab" method:  make a small
(5 ml) vial of LB agar and stab the bugs in with an inoculating loop.  Wait
overnight to make sure growth starts, then just pop the vial in the mail...

Plasmids can be sent by just putting a drop of solution on a piece of paper
(any type, but mark the area clearly!!!) - the recipient then just elutes and
transforms.  I have had some problems with plasmids I have received this way
though (i.e. not being able to find them in the area the person said they
were...), so the best way to send plasmids is in a host strain, as a stab (see



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